Rose’s Hair Salon provides a wide range of services for our customers.
Please have a look at our hair care services listed below:

* Women Dry Trim; Wash & Cut; Wash, Cut & Blow Dry;
Dry Straightening; Wash & Straightening;
Wash & Straightening (Extensions)

* Children Boys – Dry Cut; Wash & Cut
Girls – Dry Cut; Wash & Cut

* Seniors Men – Dry Cut; Wash & Cut
Women – Dry Cut; Wash & Cut; Set; Tongs;
Wash, Cut & Blow Dry

* Men Dry Cut; Wash & Cut; Highlights

* Afro Hair A range of natural and processed styles
including Corn Rows; S Curl; Extensions;
Weaves; Hair Relaxer

* Colour Services for short and long hair include
Roots; Full Head Colour; Full Head Foils; 1/2 Head Foils;
T-Section; Flashes; Cap; Colour & Flashes

* Braiding Corn rows; Extensions (Synthetic & Real Hair); Natural Hair;
Wash & Straighten Extensions